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Meet Lexie

Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

My experience as a student-athlete was highly rewarding. Reflecting on my years in high school, I saw so much talent and potential in Kona for great athletes, but not too many of my peers went on to play in college. I realized it wasn't lack of skill, but lack of opportunity. Scholarships paid my way through college and the favor of God allowed me to graduate debt free with my Master's Degree. I share my story so that future generations can glean lessons and skills necessary to succeed at whatever they choose to do with their lives. Athletics gave me an outlet and taught me lessons I didn't learn anywhere else. I know that if I can do it, so can others.

Living pain free is empowering! After an ACL surgery I was determined to make a full recovery. With the right combination of personal training experience and a great physical therapist, I achieved just that. I wanted to know more so I earned my Corrective Exercise Specialty. Since then, I have been able to help others strengthen their knees and move pain free including pre/post surgery training.

If you're ready to unlock your potential through fitness, then click the link below to schedule a call with me! 

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Malama Lifestyle Challenge

Living healthy is challenging in a world where convenience is a way of life and instant gratification is expected. Getting the desired results demands something from you. Rise Up Hawaii prioritizes "Living the Malama Lifestyle." It's all about what is done outside of your regularly scheduled fitness routine as much as what you do in the studio. 

The way we live and how we treat our bodies has a direct impact on our health. It's the simple things that bring longevity to our lives like exercise, recovery time, nutrients, sleep, and limiting the toxins we consume. The Malama Lifestyle Challenge combines the kama'aina way of life and western exercise science for a multi-dimensional approach to healthy living. 

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