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Laura Scott

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Progress over the years: "Lexie and I have been training together for years. She has a large bank of exercises that keep each training unique!"

"My greatest accomplishment is getting noticibly stronger through consistent excellent quality strength training! I want to live 120Strong! 120 years Strong!" says Laura.

From personal training to group fitness, challenges, and volunteering at youth events, Laura has participated and supported Rise Up Hawaii LLC since the beginning!

Here are her top FOUR take aways:

#1: Challenging and Rewarding

"Lexie is there to challenge me. I know I wouldnʻt keep up with my fitness the way that I do without her. I enjoy Lexieʻs company while I workout. She is encouraging and corrective when my form starts to slip. It is rewarding to complete a tough workout knowing that I am moving in the right direction for my goal of living to 120 years old!"

#2: Effective

"Lexieʻs workouts are effective and purposeful. She is quick to provide a modification when a certain exercise isnʻt working for me. I appreciate the way she plans and balances each workout engaging my full body. I am stronger, my balance is better, and I am more resilient."

#3: FUN!

"No two workouts are the same with Lexie! She adds a great amount of variety in the exercises we do together. She pays attention and notices details that she is able to tailor into the workouts to improve my personal health and meet my personal needs. Lexie is always introducing new ways to challenge me. As Lexie keeps learning and growing herself, she then implements new movements, always keeping things interesting and fun! "

#4: I very highly recommend Lexie without hesitation!

Lexie definitely has a passion for peopleʻs health, well-being, and fitness. She is very caring, and very professional!

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